For those who want to be healthy, but just don’t know how to make it work.

For those who want to have more energy for taking care of and playing with their children and loved ones.

For those who struggle with chronic fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains, shifting moods, and no clear diagnosis.

For those who are tired of the trial and error of prescriptions … and their unintended consequences.

For those who know that something is missing and just don’t know where to look.

Let me share with you how you can mitigate and minimize your ailments by supporting their underlying causes rather than simply treating the symptoms which will only keep re-occurring while further stressing the body.

Maha Rice, FNTP

Let Me Help You Feel Your Best

There’s no need to suffer with the side effects of pharmaceutical medications or the side effects of overly processed, refined foods. Nutritional therapy can help.


  • Holistic whole body approach
  • Customized to YOUR individual needs
  • Focused on Clean Diet, Proper Digestion, Blood Sugar Regulation, and Nutrient Absorption

What People Are Saying…

“Wellness Unfolding’s basic evaluation alone helped me understand things about my body that I haven’t heard of before! I am amazed by the knowledge Maha shared with me and I hope to make her recommendations for my body a permanent lifestyle change!”

– Mia Adams

“Maha showed me how my diet was creating fatigue. There were some tough lessons to learn, but she made it easy to adapt to. I’m really grateful for her counsel.”

– Liya Williams

“I didn’t realize prescription medication was masking the problem and not treating it. I’m so glad I came across this video. Now I know to ask more questions when it comes to medications I’m prescribed and to look into my diet as a source for my mental and/or physical issues.”

– Raiyan Ibrahim

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